Christmas Essentials

 This article was originally featured in tmrw magazine #22.

Christmas lists can be tough. Here at tmrw we like to make things easier for you so we’ve rounded a selection of exciting brands and products that look good under any tree.


Sandqvist – SANDQVIST X VÈLOSOPHY Backpack


Creating an aesthetic that is both luxurious and multi-functional, Sandqvist’s collaboration with Swedish bicycle manufacturers Vélosophy on a 3-way backpack has created a bag of the future. Able to be carried as a backpack, briefcase or shoulder bag, it’s the commuter’s dream and with a highly durable water-resistant EcomadeCorduraRipstop combined with leather details it’s an item that will make your daily commute that bit more bearable.

Mulberry - Small Amberley Satchel


Mulberry is a name built on its bags. In 2007 they went through a Renaissance, moving from trusted briefcase and wallet maker into an international fashion powerhouse. They’ve still retained their British design qualities, best exemplified in their Small Amberley Satchel. Designed to be worn on the shoulder or hands-free across the body, it borrows it’s soon to be iconic shape from equestrian styling.

HerschelLittle America Backpack


Herschel Supply Co’s work is inspired by vintage mountaineering equipment, American heritage and world travel. There is no bag that embodies their work more than their Little America Backpack. The popular mountaineering silhouette is retained and brought to a new generation, complete with the modern functionality we’ve come to expect from the Vancouver based couture company.

Winter Wear

Asket - Merino Cashmere Scarf


The cold can be difficult sometimes. With the need to combine layers clashing with your desire to look your best at all times, a stylish scarf can be seen as a Godsend. Swedish woollen heroes Asket have your back (and neck) with their Cashmere-Merino wool scarf. Generously sized and woven from the finest of wool blends it is the ultimate cold weather companion. So stylish, you’ll be begging summer never comes.

Uniqlo - Womens Blocktech Trench Coat


Led by the French icon of design, Christophe Lemaire, Japanese brand Uniqlo are reinventing the basics, with the results being anything but. In their attempts to reinvent the women’s trench coat they’ve created something that is perfect for all weathers.  Both windproof and water-repellent, with innovative thermobonded tape and mesh panelling it’ll always keep the outfit underneath looking on point.

UniqloMens Chesterfield Coat


A high quality Chesterfield coat should be in every man’s wardrobe. You’ll be hard pressed to find one better than Uniqlo’s recent offering. A wool/cashmere blend that’ll never leave you feeling cold, the Japanese retailer have set a new standard in outerwear. Available in four colours it’s perfect for layering with different outfits meaning you’ll always be able to show it off.

Superdry - Double Zip Tweed Fuji Hooded Jacket


Superdry men’s double zip tweed Fuji hooded jacket. A strikingly stylish combination of tweed heritage styling in this puffer Fuji jacket. Featuring a double zip for keeping wind chill at bay and two front zipped pockets. The hood has an adjustable bungee cord, the sleeves feature elasticated cuffs for keeping warmth in and rain out. The double zip tweed Fuji hooded jacket is finished with a Superdry logo patch on the sleeve.


LacosteMen's Lacoste Live Indiana Texturized Trainers


Lacoste are a brand that are effortlessly cool. When you spot the famous crocodile logo, you know it’s going to be a piece you fall in love with. The Lacoste Live Indiana textured trainers are your next shoe crush.  Available in a rich dark purple colour, they’ll bring that extra bit of style to the streets.

LacosteWomen's L.12.12 Unlined Leather Trainers


There are some items that brands become synonymous with. Lacoste and polo shirts is one of them. Designed by the company’s founder, seven-time Grand Slam champion René Lacoste in 1926 to circumnavigate uncomfortable Tennis wear, it’s developed into a style icon. So much so that it’s inspiring other Lacoste pieces including their women’s L.12.12 shoes. The timeless trainers feature pearlised leather uppers and a debossed collar, the perfect embodiment of René’s early work.

Converse Women's Chuck Taylor X Mara Hoffman Full Radial


Becoming the staple footwear of choice of a number of different subcultures and tribes over the years, Converse have had to update their classic design to fit with the times. The iconic aesthetic is given a catwalk ready makeover courtesy of Brooklyn’s very own Mara Hoffman. Incorporating her trademark vibrancy with a unique 3D pattern, she’s created wearable art that will always make a statement.

ConverseMen's Converse X John Varvatos Chuck II Herringbone Stripe Low Top

converse-x-john-varvatos-chuck-ii-herringbone-stripe-low-top-unisex-shoe (1).jpg

Need some rock ‘n’ roll in your life but don’t have time to learn an instrument? With the Converse x John Varvatos Chuck Taylor All Star Vintage Seersucker you can get the look without putting in the hours. With the washed linen upper juxtaposing the supple trim, it doesn’t walk the line between laid-back and luxury, it struts.

Wardrobe Staples

I love Ugly - Textured Zespy Pant Mid Rise Charcoal


Since 2011, the Auckland based design collective I Love Ugly have had just one mission: to convert what others think ugly to something beautiful. Drawing on aesthetic sensibilities found all across the creative spectrum, they’re recognised as the brand that celebrates beauty in all forms. Their classic Zespy trouser has been given mature makeover, with a regular crotch design making them easy to get about in. With a unique fabric made from Polyester, rayon and elastane I Love Ugly have brought an air of sophistication to the trousers that have made them famous.

Burberry - Check Detail Cotton Oxford Shirt


An Oxford shirt should be a wardrobe staple. It is often tough to find a top quality one but we think Burberry have cracked it. Cut for a regular fit, their soft cotton example brings the classic shirt style with the subtle flair Burberry have come to be known for. This is highlighted with checked detailing on the cuffs. In other hands too much check could become garish. Burberry find the sweet spot though, producing a shirt full of understated brilliance.

Luke - Noir Military Shacket


LUKE is a practical interpretation on contemporary mensweardrawing strong influences from their Birmingham surroundings. On a mission to put a fashionable twist on any men’s garment but without sacrificing the strong masculine look. Their classic noir military shacket is simple and to the point. It’s simple. It’s comfy. It’s black. It’s all you need.


Komono - The Walther


Founded in Belgium in 2009 by RafMaes and Anton Janssens, KOMONO bring sleek designand a minimalist aesthetic to the world of accessories. The Walther black mesh watch is a prime example of the minimalist philosophy in action. Boasting optimal detail, precision and sophistication, they’ve given a contemporary twist to the traditional watch. If a watch can indeed be timeless, this is it.


Google Pixel 2 XL


Google are back and ready to take on their biggest rival in the high-stake smartphone wars. With a snazzy update on the previous Pixel Models, the Pixel 2 XL brings your world to life with a fantastic camera and a 6-inch screen to display it on. There’s also the artificial-intelligence powered Google Lens that gain information about your surroundings in real time. The future is here and it’s in your pocket.

Prynt Mint Smartphone Pocket Photo Print


Are you an avid traveller with a phone full of memories? With the Prynt Pocket you can now bring those photos to life. It attaches directly to your smartphone, converting it into an instant camera that lets you print and share life’s everyday moments. With the Prynt app you can even relive videos from your snaps using augmented reality.

Tile Slim

Being unable to find your phone is one of the biggest minor panics of the modern age. The Tile Slim looks to eradicate this burning issue with Bluetooth technology and sleek design. Attached to the back of your phone and just 2.44 mm thick you’ll soon forget the Tile Slim is there and with a battery life of a year it’ll always be there for you and your phone.

Super Nintendo Classic


Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. Remember a simpler time before 4K High definition graphics and long sweeping storylines, when the platformer was king and the high score was your ultimate goal. Nintendo remembers those times and with the release of their Super Nintendo Classic they want you to experience them all over again. Enjoy Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter II all over again.

Anker Bluetooth Speaker


Anker was created with a single goal in mind: to make the smart life easier. They’ve mastered that with their easy to use Bluetooth Speaker.  Although there’s a clear focus on function there’s no compromise on quality. Full bodied sounds wherever you are.

Crosley Messenger Turntable


Vinyl is back and the players are looking better than ever. At the forefront of record player design is Crosley, who bring the style and musical format of a bygone era into the 21st Century. With their Crosley Messenger you can now play your records on the go with its lightweight body housed in a sturdy shoulder pack and three-speed spinning powered by batteries. Being portable lets you take it on an adventure of musical exploration.


Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks


Everyone loves Tom Hanks. In an age where our heroes are being unmasked as predatory creeps, he is Hollywood’s shining light; the last bastion of everything that is good and pure in the world. He is Forrest Gump. He is Woody. He is the grown up version of the kid from ‘Big’. He is also an avid collector of typewriters and now a published author. In his first collection of short stories, Hanks treats us seventeen wonderful stories filled with the warmth and whimsy we’d expect from the great man.


Five Guys


With 250,000 possible ways to order a burger, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one Five Guys recommendation. Five Guys have been available in the UK since 2013, and since then your local high street has not been the same since. Offering prime beef patties with all the fresh accompaniments you could ever need, you’d have to eat at Five Guys every day for 684 years to complete the menu, and we can’t think of anything better.


Primal Pantry – Cocoa Brownie Protein


Here at tmrw we love a good chocolate brownie. And if we can find one that is also healthy, then more the better. We think the guys over at Primal Pantry have done what was once thought impossible – they’ve created the perfect brownie. It’s soft, delicious and super nutritious and with 15g of hemp protein it’s that little treat you no longer have to feel guilty about.

Emily Crisps – Crunchy Sweet Potato, Carrot And Beetroot


The crisp game has got boring. There I said it. So when I find a new company that are doing something a little different, trying something new it gets me excited. Emily Crisps is one such company. With a strong philosophy that believes that snacking should be fun, nutritious and tasty, Emily makes quality crisps with a crackle and crunch from her own favourite veg. At the minute we’re loving her vegetable crisps that blend together rich flavour with a noticeable crunch of sweet potato, carrot and beetroot.


Fentimans – Sparking Lime And Jasmine


Brewing botanically beverages since 1905, Fentimans know a little something about putting together the perfect soft drink. Although we recommend you try them all, we can’t get enough of their Sparking Lime & Jasmine drink. With an initial bitterness that refreshes the palate, the blend is quickly balanced by the Hyssop, Lime Flower and Juniper Berries offering a botanical sweetness that you’ll just love. As well as tasting great, it also smells good too with an aroma created through a mix of botanical infusions including white jasmine flowers.

Dragonfly Tea - Garden Mint And Verbana


Sometimes you just want to relax. Take your shoes off, put your feet up and take the time to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. In typical English fashion, the perfect accompaniment to a moment of mindfulness is a cup of tea, and we couldn’t recommend Dragonfly Tea more, especially their Garden Mint and Verbana mix bags. They’re a refreshing caffeine free infusion of peppermint, rounded with a hint of aromatic lemon verbena that’ll help your troubles just melt away.


S’Well – El Royale S’well Bottle


A good bottle is hard to find. We know that and have sought to bring you the best in beverage holding design. That’s where we came across American bottle manufacturers S’well. Each bottle is tripled walled to create a condensation-free exterior, is functional keeping cold drinks at their desired temperature for up to 24 hours and are so beautifully designed you’ll want to buy them all. We’re particularly fond of their El Royale bottle which features a design brimming with exotic foliage of irises and tulips against a moody black backdrop.


Ace & Tate


Some of us need glasses. It’s a fact of life. If you want to live in a full HD world you may have to put on a pair of frames. If you want to look stylish doing so Amsterdam based Ace & Tate are the ones to call. Bringing the laidback vibes of their hometown to the world of glasses design, they provide prescription glasses that you’ll never want to take off and best of all they won’t break the bank with sets starting off at just £98.


LAMY scribble pall


Remember when you were handed your first mechanical pencil? You pressed that eraser non-stop, waiting to see if the lead would ever end. They were happy times but now you’re more mature and require a pencil that matches your new grown up outlook. Enter the LAMY scribble pall. Designed by the late Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein, the LAMY scribble pall boasts a distinctive ergonomic form, covered in matt black plastic and fitted with a palladium finish. Perfect for taking notes, sketching and looking stylish.

Baron Fig – Raspberry Honey Confidant


Baron Fig is a new kind of notepad that's been designed with an underlying focus on simplicity, usefulness and community. In their limited edition Raspberry Honey notebook they don’t stray far from this ideology, but build upon it by also including an illustrated short story by California-based artist Geoff Gouveia. With 192 pages to fill with your own ideas and sketches, Raspberry Honey is the perfect recipe of ingenuity and style that we know you’ll love.

kikki.K - 2018 A5 Weekly Diary: Sweet


Sweet is definitely the word we’d use to describe Swedish designers kikki.K’s 2018 diary offering. Filled with hand illustrated stickers it’s sure to put a smile on your face on a daily basis. You shouldn’t get it just for aesthetics though – it’s also highly efficient. With a monthly calendar, a great life-management space at the back, and designated “wishlist” spaces and much, much more, this diary will help you get organised and get happy in equal measure.

Daniel Eggleston