From The Archive - Aesthetica Art Festival Winners Announced

This article was originally featured on the One&Other magazine website.

In a world that’s seemingly clouded in grey, be it due to smog or dreary architecture, Art is seen as one of the few attempts at the world to bring some sort of light into the world, a beacon in the night. If art is seen as a saving grace it should be rewarded and that’s where Aesthetica’s Art Festival steps in.

Receiving nominations from around the world, the York based Art magazine has seen its festival go from strength to strength. This year has seen numerous pieces nominated all for the audience’s delectation.  The nominations were whittled down to just one winner for each award, the student award and the main award.

The winner of the main award was German born artist Sybille Neumeyer. Here installation entitled Song for the Last Queen is a lament on the endangerment of bees. Her piece is comprised of 7614 bees- which is just one eighth of a colony. The bees were collected from a naturally collapsed bee hive and were placed as black spots in honey, reminiscent of crochets balancing on a stave. The work was considered the favourite after gracing both the guide cover and the poster for the exhibition. The exhibition will not only contain Song for the Last Queen there will also be pieces exhibited by Ines Molina Navea, Elke Finkenauer, Deb Covell, Ingrid Hu, Julia Weissenberg, Amedeo Abello and Federico Morando. As well as these works there will be pieces from Harriet Lewars, winner of the student portion of the award.

Lewars’ piece entitled Frustum Super Planum Cum Filia Lyrae is a 3D sculpture which aims to explore the interface between art and music. The name meaning truncated cone with strings attached is exactly that. The strings allowed for audience participation, with those in attendance able to pluck them if they so wish which creates a piece that is not only visually interesting but also pleasing to ones ears.


With the Art Award going from strength to strength and the artists themselves receiving the tools to continue and master their specific craft, it is certainly an exciting time in the art world.