From The Archive - We Talk The New Home With Fibbers

After 22 years of residing at Stonebow House, Fibbers made the decision to relocate to Toft Green. You can now enjoy some of the best live music in York at the building formerly known as Tokyo Nightclub although it is unrecognisable to how it used to look.

With the walls stripped back to the brick, new booths and new bars added those familiar with what the area looked like before will be pleasantly surprised. The way it is set out somewhat resembles old Fibbers but on a grander scale. As the posters for the opening night advertise it’s just the old Fibbers but “bigger, better and ballsier”.

Another difference to the previous establishment is the introduction of Stein Bier Keller, York’s very own slice of Oktoberfest. Complete with beer filled steins, bratwurst and live oompah bands this is something completely new for York. Another thing this establishment brings is the ability to dance on the benches something not totally unseen in York but probably the first time the dancer is actually allowed to do it.

With the Fibbers now fully open we sat down with Adam Coffey, the General Manager to talk about what prompted the move, Bier Keller and Fibbers new look.

O&O: With the new building will you be looking to recreate something similar to original Fibbers or are you looking to do something completely different?
AC: The overall essence will be the same. The way we work with the bands and the club [organisers] will be the same. Our main focus is definitely still on live music and really good club nights. The expanded capacity does mean we are able to bring a lot more to the table than what we were at old Fibbers. The thing is with the previous building, we rented. With the whole Stonebow thing we weren’t necessarily sure how long it was going to be there, whether it was going to be knocked down or whether it wasn’t. We don’t really know at the moment. Because of that we could never really invest any money, past the initial refurbishment stage. This building we own and it’s more of a long term project so we can invest a lot more. We’ve invested quite a lot so far. Our aim though is to have the same feel as Fibbers, but if possible better. Bigger and better.

O&O: You also have the introduction of Bier Keller
AC:Bier Keller is next door. It’s going to be a separate venue and then later on in the night it’ll be used as another room. In the old Fibbers we didn’t have a dedicated proper room two so that’s something we have that’s new. It’s not only going to be just another room though, it’s going to be its own entity. It brings a whole other dimension to things. For example if there’s nights where Fibbers isn’t open, Bier Keller will be. It gives us a lot more freedom. We’ve created something where there’s nothing else like it in York. Anyone who walks in is going to feel that straight away. People might be thinking all we’ve done is come in and give it a little bit of paint, thinking it’ll just be the old Tokyo. It’s not at all. You can’t even tell it was Tokyo. Particular Bier Keller. A lot of time and a lot of work have gone into it to make it like this. That is why we were closed for 6 weeks.

O&O: There hasn’t really been much said about Bier Keller, is there a reason why?
AC: We were trying to build a sort of word of mouth promotion for Bier Keller at the moment. It’s only recently we’ve started handing out fliers and launching the website. The past day or so we’ve been ramping it up. Before that we enjoyed that people were just chatting about it wondering what was going on with it. This is ours, Stein Bier Keller. We’re building a place in Lincoln called Stein Brew house which will focus on different beers and we’re opening a Stein Bier Keller in Newcastle. We’re rolling out the Stein name across the country  

O&O: With the increased capacity what sort of gigs are you hoping to put on?
AC: With the increased capacity it gives us the freedom to get bigger bands we may have been unable to get at the old Fibbers. Not because of the name value but because of the bigger capacity we are able to provide these bands with a bigger crowd to perform for.

Daniel Eggleston